Miriam Porté

From April 1981 to December 2002, Miriam Porté worked in advertising production. In 2002, she started her career as a producer of feature films and TV fiction. In January 2007, she founded Distinto Films, together with Josep Amores.


La luz de Elna (Sílvia Quer, 2016). TVMovie for TVC, Radio Télévision Suisse, Canal Sur and TVE.
La Xirgu (Sílvia Quer, 2015). TVMovie for TVC, TVG and Canal Sur.
Concepción Arenal, the Visitor of Prisons (Laura Mañá, 2012). TVMovie for TVC, TVG, TVE and Canal Sur.
The Wild Ones (Patricia Ferreira, 2011). Feature Film.
Clara Campoamor, the Neglected Woman (Laura Mañá, 2010). TVMovie for TVE and TVC.
The Great Vázquez (Óscar Aibar, 2009). Feature Film. 
That was life! (Franck Apprederis, 2008). Miniseries for TVC and France 2.
(Rafa Cortés, 2007). Feature Film. 
Body Armour (Gerry Lively, 2007). TVMovie for Telecinco and TVC. 
Black Butterfly (Francisco Lombardi, 2006). Feature Film. 
The Parking Lot Killer (Isidro Ortiz, 2006). TVMovie for Telecinco.
At Ground Level (Carlos Pastor, 2005). Feature Film. 
Strawberry Fields (Carlos Pastor, 2005). TVMovie for TVC, TVV and TVG.